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A love affair
In 1963 Zaharia Nezos left his home land of Greece,where from the time he can remember he worked as a Fish monger on the coast of Patra. Once arriving in Melbourne and starting work  at the General Motors Holden plant his Foreman Brian had difficulties pronouncing his first name so he came up with the nick name "Jacky Jones" its a name that followed him everywhere. In 1976 when Jack had learned the language a little bit better and has saved some money he went back to doing what he loved, being a Fish monger.

As a 7 year old  James Nezos he used to go to with his father Jack and help him set up his Fish shop in the suburb of Wattle Park. 

He remembers his father saying "Take pride in what you do, do it to the best of your ability. If you put all your love into your work it no longer becomes work. It becomes a love affair, a love affair that will last forever."

James has maintained this simple philosophy throughout his hospitality career bringing you some very established eateries. To honour his late Father James has gone back to his childhood roots and has brought with him a wealth of knowledge that he's gained over the last 20 years of hospitality and brings you the magic that is "JACKY JONES."